Polaris Industries, the world premier recreational vehicle manufacturer, is devoted supporting young engineering talent that has become the driving force behind our technical expertise and product development as a company.  For this reason, we have chosen to aggressively support the SAE design competitions.

The following document describes the Polaris Terms of Agreement for SAE sponsorship.  Our sponsorship involves providing Polaris parts at significantly reduced prices applicable for design and construction of SAE vehicles, along with some technical support for component integration.  To obtain sponsorship, these terms must be completely read and understood.  Once you understand the terms, your team must complete a Sponsorship Agreement Form and return to [email protected].  It is recommended that your email also describe how Polaris sponsorship will benefit your team.

We feel it is a privilege to work with enthusiastic young engineers who are using creativity and ingenuity to develop a further understanding of the vehicles that we all love so much!  Please take the time to read the terms of sponsorship.

·         All schools receiving support from Polaris Industries must have on file an updated Sponsorship Agreement Form signed by the student team leader and Faculty advisor.

·         Polaris Industries requires annual copies of all Competition Design Reports, and SAE papers, relating to the SAE contest, generated from each school.

·         First year teams must submit their project schedule (.xlsx format) and their proposed vehicle specs (.xlsx format) in lieu of the design report.

·         All teams sponsored by Polaris must compete in at least one SAE sanctioned event in the USA or Canada during the school year in which sponsorship was obtained.  If a team fails to compete for any reason, the team will not be eligible for sponsorship the following year.

·         International teams must have a partner school in the USA or Canada. Parts will only be shipped to the partner school and will not be sent overseas or to 3rd party brokers.

·         All teams sponsored by Polaris must display the Polaris Logos supplied by Polaris on each vehicle, easily visible from both sides of the vehicle.

·         Polaris Industries may discontinue the sponsorship of any university team at any time.

·         The use of discounted parts for any purpose other than SAE competition is strictly forbidden.  Any university team found doing such will immediately lose Polaris sponsorship.

·         The information found on this website, or in any of the linked files, is the confidential property of Polaris Industries, Inc.  It is provided only for use by university SAE teams sponsored by Polaris.

·         Dissemination of technical information will be limited to publicly available information (parts books, repair manuals, Spec. sheets, etc.).  Proprietary information such as basic parts measurements and part weights may also be shared with the university teams.  However, in no case shall detailed information such as engineering blueprints, solid models, and manufacturing details be shared with university teams.

·         The price information distributed to the SAE teams is discounted for approved university teams only and in no way reflects Polaris cost or Polaris Dealer cost.  So being, this information cannot be used in the various cost reports used in SAE competitions and should not be shared with anyone outside of the Polaris sponsorship program.  Failure to comply will result in immediate loss of Polaris sponsorship.

·         Polaris will not offer any formal or informal component price quotes for reports used in the SAE competitions.  A Polaris dealer should be contacted for this purpose if necessary.

That being said, we look forward to working with you in what should be one of your most enjoyable engineering projects.  Feel free to contact us with any questions that may arise.  However, due to our daily workload, we ask that you contact us via email. We’ll see you at the competition!



Polaris SAE sponsorship team