Important Dates

A sponsorship request needs to be completed each year to order parts. Please submit sponsorship request for Clean Snow before 11/19/2021 and Baja & Formula before 3/18/2022.

*parts take at least 1-2 weeks for delivery, we recommend ordering prior to this date, we will not expedite shipping


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Polaris Career Opportunities

Polaris recruits for entry-level fulltime, internship and co-op positions by visiting a number of college campuses each year. Be sure to contact your campus career center or placement office to see if Polaris will be visiting your campus. Polaris also sends Engineering and HR representatives to each of the SAE events we support. Be sure to bring a resume and talk to one of our attending employees about a possible career opportunity. 
For more information on college recruiting, internships, job postings, and all of our development programs please go to :

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